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StarCraft II beta key giveaway Day #7

100 more beta keys right here, right now

It's day seven of our spectacular StarCraft II beta key giveaway, and by now you must surely know the drill, as well as Mr Driller from Drillersbury mansions.

Erm, okay, all you have to do is simply answer the question below and we'll randomly select 100 lucky winners who can get tucked into some hot threeway Terran, Zerg and Protoss beta action.

It's a relatively tough question today, but if you need a helping hand, this article might provide some insight.

Those lucky winners will have a beta key warped their way by Blizzard, we'll post the winners on our blog and everyone (who's won) will have a great time. If you don't get lucky today, keep an eye on and PC, who'll be taking their turns on the giveaways all this week.

Here's a few hints and pointers.

1. You must be a registered member of the site.

2. If you've already won a beta key from us, please don't enter again, count your lucky stars and give everyone the same chance you had.

3. There's been a touch of confusion on the beta key score, but happily our friends over at CVG have produced this handy guide - read it to get the lowdown on how this competition malarkey works.

4. Finally, good luck! Hundreds of winners are already immersing themselves in the RTS goodness that is StarCraft II, hope you can join them..