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StarCraft II beta keys Day #7

PC Zone lobbing them out like confetti!

More beta key goodness today, with our colleagues over at PC Zone taking their turn to lob out the daily dose of 100 beta keys which have been specially prescribed by CVG and those nice people at Blizzard to combat increased incidences of RTS deficiency disorder.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to their blog for full details on how to enter - and yup before you ask we know we missed out CVG's allocation last Friday, the offending staff member has been hurled into a pit of frenzied Zerglings to contemplate the error of his ways.

Still look on the bright side, that means we'll have 100 more keys to give away at the end of what will have been a climactic two weeks, as we've taken turns with PC Gamer and PC Zone to distribute keys to you, the StarCraft II starved masses.

Thanks for all the begging emails and PMs by the way, it does seem some people would be willing to do absolutely anything to either themselves or nominated family members in their quest to obtain a key. But we have to be strict and impartial dammit, the only way to get one is to enter the competition, no matter how flexible your sister is.

If you've already got yourself a key or have any questions on how the giveaway works, simply head on over to this here handy FAQ, where all your StarCraft II beta key questions have been answered.

Oh and good luck, more keys on PC Gamer tomorrow!