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Prison Break The Conspiracy review - 44% in Xbox World

Well, at least it looks like Prison Break...

Xbox World has cast its eye of judgement over Prison Break The Conspiracy and it doesn't look good for the US drama tie-in, which only managed to score 44 percent.

You can read the review for yourself right here on CVG.

The mag thought that the essence of Prison Break was definitely present in the game: "The facial likenesses are uncanny and almost all the original cast are involved with voiceovers."

"This is fan service that verges on the stellar, even if protagonist Paxton himself is as much fun as a month in solitary."

Overall, however, every mechanic of the game is flawed. XBW said, "What do we end up with? A linear license that's top-heavy on rubbish fighting, unforgivably rubbish QTEs and seriously duff stealth sections."

You can read the full review in issue 91 of Xbox World, which is on sale now. Buy your copy of Xbox World online and have it delivered to your door.