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Competition: 100 more Starcraft 2 beta keys to give away! Day #8

If you'd like to play Starcraft 2 and can't already, here's where to sign up.

The Starcraft 2 beta lets you play the game multiplayer as any race, or against an easy AI for practice. To get in on it, just enter by answering the questions below and we'll randomly select 100 people with the correct answer and pass their details on to Blizzard.

Be patient as it may be a short while before they send you your key. The key you receive needs to be added to a account with the same e-mail address as the CVG account you enter with. If you signed up to with a different address, no problem, just create a new account with this one.

We've picked a touch tricky question for you today, but if you don't know the answer you may be able to find it in Alec Meer's preview here.