Natal: Leaked shots detail 'tilt motor'

Snapped hardware and manuals reveal new feature

Photos of a Natal development unit have been leaked to the internet via a naughty tester, seemingly revealing an as yet unannounced feature.

The pictures, which were sent to Italian site apparently by someone hired to perform testing on the new gadget, show the pre-release hardware and accompanying manuals, packing an interesting nugget of info.

According to the report, the manual warns users not to forcibly tilt the Natal camera because they could cause damage to the unit's 'tilt motor'. This suggests that Natal will have the ability to move its camera automatically. Pretty nifty, that.

It's also reported that the unit's being tested with "enormous amounts" of spoken dialogue - suggesting a pretty comprehensive voice recognition system.

More snaps are through the link below.

[ SOURCE: The Lost Gamer ]