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Okamiden heads West next year

Update: New screenshots inside, too

Okamiden, the gorgeous sequel to Capcom's Zelda-like PS2 quest, Okami, will be out in US and European shops in 2011, Capcom has confirmed. We've also got 10 new screens below for you as well.

The game, similarly to the original, stars a sun god in the form of a wolf named Chibiterasu, who has a magic paint brush. Clearly a perfect fit for the DS, players will draw on-screen gestures with the brush to cast magic and manipulate the game's world.

Chibiterasu will also be accompanied by a human companion, whose movements can be controlled with the new-to-DS Shirabe Brush. Sounds brilliant. If you're new to Okami we suggest you play the Wii re-release.