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StarCraft 2 map editor headed to beta

Plus Mac beta on the way

Blizzard's revealed that those lucky chaps currently enjoying the StarCraft II multiplayer beta can expect a pair of important updates over the next couple of weeks.

The first, reveals StarCraft II lead Chris Sigaty, is the game's map and mod editor, which will be made available to those currently clicking away at the beta sometime this week.

The editor will allow players to add their own creations and game mode customizations, says Sigarty, plus a "substantial" patch will land alongside it.

Soon after - possibly some time next week - Blizzard plans to release the StarCraft II multiplayer beta for Mac users, which should please about four of our readers.

If you're not on board the great beta boat, then head on over to Day 9 of our on-going StarCraft II beta key giveaway.

[ SOURCE: Kotaku ]