Consolevania creator joins Inside Xbox

Robert 'Rab' Florence to critique indie games on Xbox Live

The creator of popular Scottish games show Consolevania is to make a return on Inside Xbox, CVG understands.

Robert 'Rab' Florence binned Consolevania back in 2009, and went on to create VideoGaiden for BBC Scotland.

However, with that programme now axed by the Beeb, it leads the way clear for a return on another medium - and it seems Microsoft has stepped into the breach.

CVG understands that the show will form a segment of the on-console Inside Xbox show, critiquing indie games on XBLA.

Consolevania first appeared back in 2004, and found popularity via peer-to-peer Torrent sites. It closed after three series.

Sky praised the show for offering "something that almost every other games show ever created has lacked: true passion for the subject matter".

Florence has appeared on both Charlie Brooker's Gameswipe and Newswipe.