Daily Mail: FIFA made by 'geeks'

In complimenting game's accuracy, paper can't resist a dig

Ah, The Daily Mail. Not content with creating what is effectively an anti-Liberal Democrat sub-site ('PANIC STATIONS! WE MUSTN'T LET THEM WIN!'), the UK's second most popular newspaper (sigh) has labelled the creators of EA's FIFA World Cup 2010 "geeks".

The great irony? In making the comment, its chief football writer, Matt Lawson, was trying to pay an off-hand compliment to the title's accuracy.

Even the computer geeks who are developing the latest edition of the official FIFA World Cup 2010 video game do not appear to be giving England much of a chance in South Africa this summer, he wrote in today's paper.

Having factored in the high altitude conditions at certain venues, 'gamers' will discover that both Fabio Capello's side and the Dutch start to run out of puff sooner than their opponents.

Nope, we don't know why he wrote 'gamers' in inverted commas. That usually represents a group who have been dubbed something that The Mail considers short-lived and snigger-worthy.

You know the sort of thing... 'Yummy mummies' 'Tweeters', 'reactionary, embarrassingly out-of-touch fools'...

Still, FIFA World Cup 2010 sounds pretty excellent from where we're sitting - with OPM giving it 9/10 in a very praiseworthy review.

We'll have our own write-up of the title coming soon.