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PC Gamer Readers' Top 100: 20-1

Your favourites, revealed

Here it is: the conclusion of our epic survey to discover the greatest PC games ever committed to floppy disc, silicon, or digital download.

Thanks to all who voted. Here are your winners.

20. Wurm Online
Release: 2006
Last year: New entry
It's like a first-person, massively multiplayer medieval town-building sim, except you're not the guy in charge, you're one of the toiling peasants. Struggle against starvation and bears, work to transform the world around you by building homes, farms and castles.

19. Left 4 Dead 2
Release: 2009
Last year: New entry
Screaming at idiotic friends through VOIP, burning zombies by the bucketload, the in-game debates as to whether sleeping with a zombie would be necrophilia, attempting to kill a witch by just meleeing her, I want a game of it now...
David Danut

18. Baldur's Gate II: Shadows Of Amn
Release: 2000
Last year: 14
The sound of Minsc booming "Butt Kicking, for Goodness!" while getting a critical hit on a goblin (sending pieces of the deceased flying) still brings a laugh even ten years after the game came out.
Dominic M

17. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
Release: 2003
Last year: 18
Better characters and narrative than were coming out from the movies at the time. HK-47 is what C3PO should have been. Creating a character that is, by virtue of being a robot, purely logical, then portraying him as 'evil' is pure genius. He's a total total badass and my favourite character in gaming to-date.
Des Molas

16. Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
Release: 2003
Last year: New entry
No other game matches the teamplay of Enemy Territory. Mods are still being developed and improved. Maps are coming out almost every month. A big community is actively producing content and helping each other.

15. BioShock
Release: 2007
Last year: 13
An art deco city under the sea, overrun by psychotics with psychic powers. In bunny masks. Big Daddies. Little Sisters. Sander fucking Cohen. A world being torn apart by its own hubris. Shooters aren't often about anything except killing: BioShock is about a philosophy gone wrong.

14. Starcraft
Release: 1998
Last year: 8
This was my first RTS experience at a LAN party, so I had no clue what was happening. I finally managed to gather enough resources and buildings to make this expensive unit . What I got was a slow-moving beetle like thingy with an attack button that you could not press. So I just kept moving it around hoping it would do.

13. Portal
Release: 2007
Last year: 7
Aperture Science would like to remind you that Portal is the Best Game Ever. Those disputing Portal's claim to the title of 'Best Game Ever' should speak to our complaints department, located in the Incineration Annex. Thank you.
Jonathan Bushell

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