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Dante's Inferno DLC trailer

EA shows off the Trials of St. Lucia pack, including community trials and co-op features

You've probably moved on to newer titles by now, but EA's hoping the upcoming Trials of St. Lucia DLC will have you scampering back to Dante's Inferno.

Online co-operative gameplay for two players is on the cards, as well as a combat editor allowing you to create, upload, and share your custom made Trials with fellow players, unlocking new Trophies and Achievements along the way.

We thought the game was "thrilling, brutal and frankly awesome", and awarded it a well deserved 9/10 in CVG's review.

Let's hope the DLC lives up to the main game when it launches on April 29 via Xbox Live and PSN. There still aren't any pricing details, unfortunately. Check out the movie and let us know what you'd be willing to pay.