StarCraft II beta key giveaway Day #10

We're almost there, 100 more keys to fling your way

Some famous keys for you: Alicia Keys, Tim Key, Geoffrey Charles Tasker Keyes. Monkeys. And StarCraft II Beta Keys. For your chance to win one of the above sorts of keys, take a look at our competition below. We have 100 of them to give away. Click click clickety boo.

Sadly, we're not giving away 100 half-sized Alicia Keys clones. But happily, we are giving away 100 StarCraft II beta keys, in a daily tradition that dates back about ten days.

Three things. Make sure the email address you've registered with CVG is the same as the one associated with your account (if it's not, simply start a account with that email address, it doesn't matter if you do this before or after winning). Be aware that you will not receive your key immediately, as Blizzard are a busy bunch. And finally, don't enter if you've already won a key, it's properly rude. And don't try to enter multiple times - it's really easy for us to see you doing that, and we'll make mean jokes about you as we disqualify your entries.

So without excess adieu, answer yonder question, please.