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'Eight year olds are the key to better games'

LEGO Harry Potter boss takes child's point of view

TT Games' head of production, Jonathan Smith, believes that eight-year-olds make the best game testers and that seeing games development through their eyes is the way forward.

"They are the most efficient quality filter," he said. "They get to it quicker than anybody else, because they'll just say if something doesn't work. The smallest things could ruin something, and they'll get bored and move on."

Speaking in issue 15 of Official Nintendo Magazine, Smith also said that he believes child's play is the way to truly enjoy a videogame:

"Grown-ups look at games differently," Smith says. "Adults kind of forget what it is to play a game some of the time. Every time an eight-year-old plays a game it's the most brilliant thing in the world to them."

"They're not thinking about what they should be doing or asking questions about execution, which is what we do sometimes as adults."

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