StarCraft II beta keys Day #11

Details on today's giveaway, plus play at Sci-Fi London!

Welcome to day 11 of our StarCraft II beta key giveaway, just one more day to go after this one and just 200 keys left up for grabs.

Our colleagues over at PC Zone should be publishing their winners list shortly and today it's PC Gamer's turn to launch the penultimate hundred, with the final 100 remaining in CVG's keeping until we launch a very special giveaway, details on which we'll be publishing shortly.

In news just in, if you didn't get lucky in any of these contests (and there's every chance you didn't' as thousands entered on every single day) but still want to play, next week, you'll have your chance to do so in person.

Blizzard have teamed up with NVIDIA to give you a chance to play at the Sci-Fi London film festival which launches on the 28th April 2010 (which is next Wednesday if we have our calculations right).

Blizzard and NVIDIA will be running six demo pods at the Apollo Cinema, Piccadilly allowing members of the public to play the game between 11am and 11pm every day until the 4th of May 2010.

So if you're a real StarCraft fan, then head on down and fill your boots! Good luck in today's contest too.