Respawn will lower CoD's sales - Pachter

Increased competition will damage Activision series, says analyst

Ex-Infinity Ward bosses, West and Zampella's new EA-backed studio, Respawn will lower sales of Activision's future Call of Duty games.

That's according to gaming's own Nostradamus, analyst Michael Pachter, who predicts that increased competition from Respawn will damage CoD's future numbers.

"I think that it is likely that future games will sell fewer units than in the past, primarily due to increased competition from Respawn, DICE and EA games that will likely be in the same or similar genres," he said.

Yesterday Activision admitted that more Infinity Ward employees will "probably" leave the studio - and may even join the other bailout designers at West and Zampella's studio.

At least seven ex-Infinity Ward employees are said to have joined the EA-backed studio.

[ SOURCE: Industry Gamers ]