Majority 'won't care' about Infinity Ward departures

Consumers won't shun future CoD games, says Pachter

The majority of games consumers won't care enough about the recent Infinity Ward departures to shun future Call of Duty games.

That's according to superstar games analyst, Michael Pachter, who says that while he anticipates that many gamers will recognize that West and Zampella are off the Modern Warfare franchise, most won't give a monkey's.

"The majority of consumers will either not know or will not care enough to shun future games," he said.

However, Pachter states that he does think that increased competition from ex-Infinity Ward bosses, West and Zampella's new EA-backed studio, Respawn will lower sales of Activision's future Call of Duty games.

At least seven ex-Infinity Ward employees are said to have joined the EA-backed studio.

Yesterday Activision admitted that more Infinity Ward employees will "probably" leave the studio - and may even join the other bailout designers at West and Zampella's studio.

[ SOURCE: Industry Gamers ]