2010 FIFA World Cup review is in

EA kicks off the World Cup season in style

CVG's 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa review is in the house and it's good news by all accounts.

FIFA World Cup gave a stellar performance and earned itself a nine out of ten, with the game's balance and depth making it a winner:

"Importantly, FIFA World Cup is well balanced," we said. "Pace, quick counters and wild attempts on goal play a bigger part this time but good build up play, an ability to hold up the ball and picking out passes long and short are still firmly a part of this beautiful game."

"Ultimately tactical variety will prevail and that's the difference between FIFA World Cup, PES and even previous FIFA instalments."

The only real criticism we have of the game is that the new faster system could be seen by some as a step too far away from FIFA's simulation roots.

"As a football simulation, it would be a shame for FIFA to move down that road as it sometimes looks like it might in FIFA World Cup."

Overall, however, we felt that this is not only the best FIFA game to date but the best football gaming has to offer as well. It's really that good.

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