Prince of Persia movie 'can't rely on gamers'

Jerry Bruckheimer says success depends on the wider public

Jerry Bruckheimer has said that, as far as the upcoming Prince of Persia Hollywood film is concerned, the wider public is more important than fans of the game.

In an interview with HeyUGuys, the Hollywood producer said that although gamers were important to him, he couldn't count on them to fill cinema seats:

"You hope they will show up but you can't count on them as you never know. Kids who are playing the game might not be by the time the movie comes out," he said.

"You try and make a film that will entertain with really interesting characters and themes. If you do that, then everybody comes. If you just rely on the gamers then you are missing a whole market out there."

We reported on Bruckheimer's belief that games will be as realistic as movies within 10 years earlier today.

If you haven't already, check out the first UK Prince of Persia movie trailer, which was released in November.

[ SOURCE: HeyUGuys ]