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360 Metal Gear Solid will support Natal - Rumour

'Surfer Girl' reckons Rising will be fully unveiled at E3

A blogger who reckons he/she's the fabled 'Surfer Girl' has reported that Metal Gear Solid: Rising will be unveiled at E3 - and will support Project Natal on Xbox 360.

Writing on his/her blog, the masked whisperer reported:

'Natal [at E3]? Let's just say you'll probably be both very surprised and very pleased by one of the games revealed... what is it? Might Get Shot if I were to tell.'

M-ight G-et S-hot. Geddit? Thought you would.

Surfer Girl powered down his/her typing fingers back in May 2008, but according to VG247 was responsible for a fair few scoops in his/her time. It doesn't tell us how much nonsense he/she spouted, however.

Metal Gear Solid: Rising was first seen at E3 2009. The title will be released on 360, PS3 and PC.

[ SOURCE: Surfer Girl ]