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Breast-heavy Dead Or Alive contains 'beauty', says Tecmo Koei

Publisher talks poetically about flesh-loving PSP title Paradise

We've heard it called fun, naughty and risqué - as well as a few less complimentary words. But never have we witnessed someone label the world of Dead Or Alive: Paradise as "beauty". Until now.

Tecmo Koei bossman Yoshiki Sugiyama talked quite poetically about the new game to CVG, when we asked why the publisher had decided to bring it to PSP.

And while he admitted that it offers some "titillation", he reckons much of its appeal lies in the aesthetic wonder of its intoxicating world. And not at all the massive boobs.

Sugiyama told us:

"Picture yourself. You're on the bus to work. You're stuck in traffic and it's raining outside. There's someone sitting next to you shouting on their cell phone and a baby crying somewhere else. You can turn your PSP on and be transported instantly to this world of colour and beauty.

"It's pure, mobile escapism with a touch of titillation thrown in for good measure. That's why we've brought it to PSP. There was a huge amount of interest and demand to have the franchise back on PlayStation, as well as in portable form, so the game naturally works for the PSP. We're very happy with how it looks."

We'll have more from our interview with Sugiyama-san soon. Until then, check out PSM3's Dead Or Alive: Paradie review here.