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Pachter: Gears Of War could come to PS3

Future titles will be multiplatform unless MS "pays up" says analyst

Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter has predicted that future Gears Of War titles could come to PS3 - unless Microsoft pays Epic Games even more than it did to secure exclusivity for the first three titles in the series.

Pachter acknowledged his previous observation that Epic "regretted" making Gears a platform exclusive was wrong - and even cited Mark Rein's swift dismissal of his claim.

However, he forecast that any Gears title that comes after the third game may make its way to PS3 unless Microsoft "pays even more".

He told GameTrailers: "A while, ago [I said] that Epic regretted making Gears Of War [exclusively] for the Xbox 360, and I was quickly corrected by Mark Rein, who said: 'We don't regret a single thing.'

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"Of course they don't regret it, because they're all very wealthy and they cut themselves a great deal. I guess what I really meant was future versions of Gears are at least going to be negotiated to allow them to make them on multiplatform unless Microsoft pays even more.

"So the success of Gears [will] allow Epic to squeeze even more money out of them for exclusives in the future. We'll see what Epic does, but I don't think you're going to get any new franchises after Gears that are console exclusives. Same thing - these guys all want to make money. It is a profit deal."

Gears Of War 3 is due for release in April next year.