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BioShock 2 'Rapture Metro Pack' delayed

Not out this week as previously announced

Microsoft has sent word that the BioShock 2 'Rapture Metro Pack' DLC won't be out this week after all, contrary to an earlier announcement.

As MS' Major Nelson blog confirms: "The content will not be available this week as previously reported", leaving us with no alternative date. "I'll have more details on timing in the very near future," adds the Major.

The Rapture Metro Pack includes six new multiplayer maps, two masks, three Achievements and a new game mode, Kill 'Em Kindly, which will also be available to non-DLC purchasers and has you fighting purely with melee weapons.

The six new maps are all based on BioShock 2 levels including Dionysus Park, Siren Alley and Pauper's Drop.

When it does eventually hit, it will cost 800 Microsoft points (roughly £6.50).

[ SOURCE: Major Nelson ]