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Street Fighter IV iPhone going cheap

Now £3.99/$6.99 in celebration of SSFIV launch

Super Street Fighter IV is out on consoles now in US and on Friday in UK. Capcom is pretty pleased about it, and in celebration has dropped the price of Street Fighter IV on iPhone, just in case you can't get enough Hadoukens in your life.

With the 30% discount, you can now snap it up for £3.99/$6.99 instead of the usual £6.99/$9.99. You need to double-tap shuffle over to the App Store sharpish though because the offer's only open until April 29.

The iPhone version, with its touch-screen controls, actually works surprisingly well and looks brilliant too. It's not the same as playing on a pad of course, but it's far from the embarrassment we expected. And for four quid it's worth a punt.

[ SOURCE: The Lost Gamer ]