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E3 2010: Is this 'leaked' games list real?

Killzone 3, Mass Effect PS3 and Road Rash HD... we separate fact from fiction

We're not sure exactly how, but a 'leaked' pre-E3 games list - apparently - did the rounds on Twitter yesterday, leading to a number of game sites, and fan forums, to get excited about the potential announcements contained therein; including Killzone 3, Mass Effect for PS3, plus Battlefield Bad Company 3.

While we're not able to definitively confirm whether they're true or not, we've got our ears sufficiently close to the industry's whispers to rank the key titles in terms of probability...

Certain to appear at E3
Killzone 3
Dead Space 2
Guitar Hero 6

Almost certain to appear at E3
Resistance 3 (as leaked on movie sets last year)
InFamous 2 (first game did well, so...)
Twisted Metal: Harbour City (David Jaffe denies this, mind, and while a Twisted Metal game has long been mooted, we're not expecting one... well, not by this name at least).

Likely to appear at E3
Call of Duty: MMO (the Sledgehammer project, perhaps)
Mass Effect 3
MotorStorm 3

Feint possibility at E3
Bad Company 3 (given BC2's success, it's just a logical commercial decision, even if this E3 is too early to reveal it)
Road Rash HD (this WAS being looked into at EA, but last we heard they'd indefinitely postponed it).

Would be a huge, huge surprise
Fahrenheit 2 (Heavy Rain did well, but... first we've heard of it)
God of War 3: Afterfall (We've never, ever, heard of this, but it could be the DLC pack featuring a Titan battle that did the internet rounds a few weeks back)
Omikuden (only because we've never heard of it).

Is the actual list real? Probably not - but some of the games on it very definitely are. And there's a lot of hot titles NOT on this list which will set tongues wagging come E3.

What are you most looking forward to at E3? Let us know, as ever, below.

Have a great night,