Dante's Inferno: Trials of St. Lucia out today

New trailer and gameplay video of the feature-packed DLC inside

Dante's Inferno: Trails of St. Lucia - a download pack for EA's God of War-alike, will be out in today's PSN update, and it's choc full of awesome stuff.

You get a new playable character, St. Lucia, with her own set of moves and features that are apparently more aerial in style than Dante. That's cool in itself.

But the pack also adds online co-operative play in a new survival mode in which you take on increasingly tough hordes of enemies. You also get a Trial Creation tool that lets you create your own arena challenges and upload them online, adding to the 40 trails already created by EA.

All that for $10 (around six quid). Can't complain. Here's some trailers:

[ SOURCE: US PS Blog ]