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Sony sued over PS3 Other OS removal

Man claims that Sony has broken the terms of its contract

Sony is being sued by a man in California over its decision to remove the Other OS feature from the PS3.

The feature, which allowed users to install other operating systems onto their PlayStation, was removed in the latest firmware update: 3.21.

Anthony Ventura has filed a lawsuit against Sony claiming the decision amounted to the "intentional disamblement of the valuable functionality originally advertised as available".

Ventura believes that Sony has broken the terms of its contract with "millions of unsuspecting customers".

He thinks that Sony removed the feature not because of security concerns but because they are trying to prevent piracy.

The case is being brought on behalf of all PS3 owners in America who bought a console before March 27 and didn't sell it on.

Sony recently issued an apology for the controversial decision.

There's also evidence to suggest that Ventura could be successful in his claim, since another PS3 user was partially refunded by Amazon on similar grounds earlier this month.