'Overwhelming response' to SSFIV match betting

Paddy Power to offer betting in-running for tonight's Street Fighter showdown

Bookmaker Paddy Power says it has had an "overwhelming response" from punters placing bets on a Super Street Fighter IV showdown between two of the UK's finest players.

Paddy Power says tonight's 7pm face off between Ryan Hart and Femi Adeboye in London marks the first time a bookie has offered odds on an individual videogame contest.

It will be a best-of-three match contest, with the fight streamed live over Paddy Power's website.

During the fight, the odds will change to reflect the match round-by-round, giving you the opportunity to place opportunistic bets when the odds offered suit.

"The response to the Super Street Fighter IV fight night shows there's a real interest in competitive videogaming as a legitimate sport," said Paddy Power's communications director.

"In-running betting is usually reserved for high-profile sporting events such as football and boxing - but we're now putting additional resources into tomorrow's live streaming in order to offer greater choice for our customers, because the demand is certainly there."