The Sims 3 Ambitions trailer is here

Career-focused expansion pack due to release in June

EA's just sent over this new trailer for The Sims 3 Ambitions.

Set for release in June, the second expansion pack for last year's bestselling PC game allows players to pursue a variety of career paths that affect the overall gameplay experience and neighbourhood.

"While on the job, the player has direct control over their Sims' work and can choose how to spend their days," says EA.

"Players can opt to make house calls and save lives as a doctor or choose the devious route and test experimental medicine on patients; be the hero firefighter tackling raging infernos or smashing everything in sight at the victim's home with an axe; or take a shot at solving cases as an investigator, nicely convincing sources to divulge secrets or roughing up perpetrators in a dark alley to get information."

We'd choose the second option in each case every time.

Earlier this week, EA announced that The Sims 3 will arrive on console and handheld platforms this autumn.