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Gran Turismo STILL 90% complete

As series creator Kazunori Yamauchi said it was back in January. Feel the progress...

Development on Gran Turismo 5 is like a download progress bar with a timed-out connection - it's not moving. That's because series creator has recently said the game's about 90% done - as he said back in January.

"Gran Turismo 5 is about 90 percent finished," Kazunori Yamauchi said in a recent interview, adding the usual line of it not being released until everyone is fully satisfied with it.

What's funny is that he told USA Today the exact same thing back in January. By 'funny', we mean 'effing infuriating'.

He went on to admit that the game won't quite contain everything he'd hoped for (are we sensing a cop-out on weather?) but wouldn't elaborate on exactly what was left out. He did, however, promise that GT5 would be the 'most significant step forward since the original game', according to Inside Line, thanks to the introduction of online gaming which has "dramatically changed the way the game is designed."

We still can't wait. But we wish they'd stop faffing about.

[ SOURCE: Inside Line ]