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XCOM gameplay details emerge

First info from OXM US

The first info on BioShock 2 dev, 2K Marin's XCOM reboot has emerged, via Official Xbox Magazine US.

The 360 and PC FPS has you playing as Carter, an FBI agent with a "chequered past" who's out investigating various unexplained phenomena around the USA.

Carter's X-File missions take him across various parts of North America including Kansas and Arizona, and more interestingly his actions occur in semi-real-time, meaning that picking one mission might cause you to miss out on others.

In OXM's demo it made its way to the Grand Canyon State to check out reports of "swarming insects'- a hint that Elerium - a potent energy source sought by the US government - is nearby.

Investigating the eerily quiet town, OXM points out that players can chose to leave a mission for another at any time. If you want to poke your head into just one house, find a piece of intel, and go home unscathed, you can do that, but you might miss out on valuable resources.

Using various Ghostbusters-style gadgets, OXM eventually discovered a blob of weird, Venom-like alien goo occupying a derelict house. Shotgun in hand, the actual shooting took off.

Accompanying you on your missions will be various FBI agents, says OXM, though it's unclear at this point whether or not XCOM will include any sort of squad command system.

According to 2K every mission you go on will play differently, and this one sampled by OXM is simply a taster of what the final game will have to offer.

We definitely need to see this in action before we cement a proper opinion. Read more about the reboot here.