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Ninja Gaiden 3 will be 'spectacular'

Tecmo Koei talks up next instalment in action series

Tecmo Koei has told CVG that it is ready to "nurture" the next instalment in the Ninja Gaiden series - and that it will be "spectacular".

The title is yet to be announced - but we know that it will be the first full Ninja Gaiden title not to have been developed by Tomonobu Itagaki.

Itagaki designed the first and second titles in the series before leaving Tecmo-owned Team Ninja in 2008.

However, Tecmo Koei has claimed that it will "nurture" the third title in the series to ensure it hits the quality threshold fans expect.

"Ninja Gaiden is such a beloved and important franchise for us and fans expect such great things from the next instalment that we need to indulge in a little nurturing," Tecmo Koei senior managing director Yoshiki Sugiyama told CVG.

"If and when we talk about a new Ninja Gaiden, it will be spectacular."

Tecmo Koei recently wished Itagaki luck in his new role at Valhalla Knights - following the conclusion of a court battle between the two parties.