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ModNation Racers PSP demo next week

Sneak peek to feature two tracks and snippet of Track Studio tool

Sony has confirmed that it will release a demo of the PSP version of ModNation racers next Tuesday, May 11.

"We were so stoked about all the cool things everyone has been saying about the game that we decided to put this demo out for everyone to get a little hands-on experience before hitting the track on May 25th, when the full game will be available," said SCEA San Diego Studio producer Vernon Mollette.

Eight "Elite and Pre-made Mods and their karts" will be included in the demo, along with two tracks (Lost Temple and Flaming Jumps), and a "taste" of the Track Studio editing tool in the Alpine theme.

That date currently only applies to the US, which gets its PSN update on Tuesdays. The UK PSN is updated on Thursday but there's no official word on a UK release so fingers crossed for a May 13 launch. Otherwise though, the US demo will be free, so you can just make a US PSN account anyway to get it if you really want.