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#2 Alpha Protocol: Combat and Weapons

Arm yourself up with some serious firepower

In Alpha Protocol, your biggest weapon may be choice, but as any serious super spy will tell you, it doesn't hurt to back up your choices with a locker full of deadly firepower. Fortunately Michael Thorton, Alpha Protocol's protagonist, doesn't just rely on silky smooth seduction skills, gadget mania or stealthy lurking about in the shadows, but can draw on a veritable arsenal of destruction every bit as impressive as any Bourne or Bond.

Don't forget there's ton more movies, screens and information on Obsidian's splendid espionage RPGs from the official Alpha Protocol micro site hosted here on CVG.


Choose Your Weapons
As an espionage RPG, Alpha Protocol has always been about character development rather than straight out shooting. So the combat skills and perks you choose to arm Thorton with, will have also a direct effect on how dangerous a marksman you become. Of course you can develop a whole set of lethal hand-to-hand skills, but we're here to talk about big shiny guns and the mechanic Obsidian have chosen to adopt is a spread crosshair system. This starts wide, but as you become more proficient in your weapons skills, this gradually narrows increasing accuracy. It does seem a touch strange at first to be spraying bullets and not hitting much, but it makes sense in the context of the game. which is meant to show Thorton's progression from relative novice to master spy.

But don't worry you'll also get to play with a full complement of Pistols, Sub Machine Guns, Assault Rifles and Shotguns too with combat specialists most likely choose to develop their SMG and Shotgun skills. SMGs are short to medium range weapons and you can dual-wield them to build up massive combos and kill streaks for maximum carnage. For closer encounters. the shotgun has to be your weapon of choice, with its ability to knock enemies clean off their feet and score critical hits and takedowns.

Custom job
But that's not the end, there's also a dazzling array of further improvements and customisations you can add as you progress through the game. Basic upgrades like an extended clip give you more ammo to expend, while an improved scope will consequently up your accuracy. But move onto more advanced configurations like Rifle Muzzle Assist, Calibrated Recoil Springs or custom grip and you'll be shooting with such a steady hand that you'll be plugging cigarettes out of guard's mouths from half a kilometre away (or at least it'll feel like it).


You want more customisation? Well naturally a master spy deservers the best and you'll be pleased to hear most weapons can accommodate various different types of ammo too. Standard ammo is your average run-of-the mill munition, but amour piercing rounds will blow great big holes in the wall, vehicles, or the opposition when you need real stopping power. However there's also a couple of more interesting exotic types. Flechette rounds loaded into your shotgun spray a wide arc of destruction, while phosphorous rounds particularly caught our eye for their ability to set victim's clothes on fire. As Obsidian point out, it certainly stops them shooting at you, as their duds catch light and go up in flames.

If your inclination runs to a more explosive bent, then there's also a treasure trove of grenades and explosive charges to explore, from common or garden Flashbangs, to hi-ex grenades and even remote detonated mines. More stealthy orientated agents might opt for the full range of covert silenced pistols, but if you were wondering what happens if you stop a bullet, rather than dish it out, a full complement of body armour will probably be your best defence against early retirement. Depending on what type of agent you are, stealth and gadget orientated armours will also become available, though of course combat specialists will probably don the heaviest Kevlar for all out frontal assaults.

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