#3 Alpha Protocol: Gadgets and Gizmos

Pay attention Thorton, we'd like it back this time...

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EMP Grenades
These highly versatile electronic magnetic pulse grenades are hands down one of your most powerful options when trying to confuse enemy defence systems, rendering cameras, computers, alarms and automated turrets useless. Combine them with the Interference skill on the Technical Aptitude branch and you can even tune them to selectively neutralise electronic systems, short circuiting door alarms or disabling computer's security systems, allowing you to hoover intel straight from their data storage drives.

Sound Generator
Deceive and harass your opponents with this handy sonic tool which bounces coherent sound off multiple surfaces at short to medium range. Think of it as a sonic honey trap, luring guards out of the way so your path is unopposed or even concentrating them in a specific location, where you've left them an explosive surprise.

Epinephrine Spikes
Instant agent boost. Prime your agent with an epinephrine spike and watch him go bananas in a drug-fuelled rush which sends his strength and precision off of the chart. A powerful aid for shooters with enhanced recoil control, this will make Thorton into a veritable though short- lived colossus in hand to hand combat.


Radio Mimic
A one-shot gizmo that combines radio transmitter and voice distortion tech to feed the enemy false intelligence and sound the all clear for any alarm you might have tripped. 'Bob here, cancel the alert in sector three, 'Dave's accidentally shot the fuse box again."

Remote Mines
One of the more powerful explosive devices in Alpha Protocol, remote mines are made up of an aerodynamic disc of plastique and a short wave radio trigger. Rather than randomly triggering a proximity fuse when guards waltz into range, remote mines are detonated at the agent's discretion, and therefore have much more potential for considered explosive carnage.

Gadget Skills
As you'd expect, agents from a gadget focussed background (and you can choose to make this part of Thorton's history in the initial character generation screens) are much more adept at disabling alarm systems, hacking into computers and prising open locked doors. Sabotage is one of your main skills, making your offensive gadgets more deadly in its basic forms. Develop your Sabotage skills and you'll eventually gain the Overclock to increase range and effectiveness and at higher levels Remote Hack will let you bypass enemy surveillance and electronics systems from a safer distance.

A strong Technical Aptitude leaning on the other hand will boost your passive skills, making First Aid much more effective and allowing you to carry much bigger gadget and explosives load outs. Max it to its highest level and you'll be able to activate the Brilliance ability, allowing you to perform multiple skills with little or no cool down penalties.


There's going to be plenty of intriguing options to explore playing gadget-focused Thorton in Alpha Protocol and with achievements like Building a Deadlier Mousetrap, for detonating a 100 devices and Circuit Breaker for bypassing 20 security systems, there'll be plenty of achievements and trophies to scoop. However the ultimate accolade will be the Technophile achievement where you use six gadgets over five missions, a true benchmark for gadget-oriented agents.
That's it for the Gadgets and Gizmos, but check back tomorrow for a look at Alpha Protocol's stealth capabilities in Stalking the Shadows

Don't forget that hidden somewhere on this page is the third part of the answer you'll need for our competition to win the Ultimate Spy's toolkit. Good luck in finding it!

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