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# 4 Alpha Protocol: Stalking the Shadows

Stealth and the art of the secret agent...

The life of a secret agent may have its fair share of full-on frontal assaults and gadget-laden takedowns, but perhaps the most satisfying path to advancement is when you can strike, vanish like a phantom and no-one even knows you've ever been there. If this is your preferred kind of play style, then Alpha Protocol certainly has plenty to offer you as a stealth-based secret agent.

Don't forget there's ton more movies, screens and information on Obsidian's splendid espionage RPGs from the official Alpha Protocol micro site hosted here on CVG.


The best way to begin a life stalking the shadows is to choose Field Agent as your past career from the initial agent set up screen. This gives you a background in covert black ops and infiltration deep behind enemy lines and sets you up well on the stealth route with a good spread of Stealth, Pistols and Close Quarter Combat skills. There's quite a bit of crossover between Stealth and Gadget based agents, so if you want to specialise even further, you can choose a blank cheque of a past career and customise accordingly.

Even if you see yourself primarily as a stealth specialist, we'd recommend ploughing some of your points into the Sabotage to acquire the skills required to disarm alarms and boost your hacking and electronics counter-measures abilities.

Stealth Skills
As a stealth-based agent you really aren't built for a stand-up fire fight and your main weapon is always going to be your ability to move unseen and unheard through enemy bases and installations. Stealth takedowns, silent assassinations, evading security systems and finding circuitous routes and hidden extras like dossiers and intelligence that will give you that vital edge when it comes to completing missions. Here's the low down on the skills you'll employ to make the most of a life lurking in the shadows, but experience brings its own rewards and at Master levels of attainment, your skills will increase exponentially

Your basic hiding skill, which reduces the range at which enemies detect you while moving in stealth mode. Although it won't work on cameras or enemies already alerted to your presence, it's still a vital tool in your stealth armoury. The advanced version increases the bonus to -20%.

This raises your agent's ability to simply know by instinct where enemy guards and patrols linger (which is represented on-screen by vector style arrows). At basic levels you'll be able to sense enemies for up to a minute at a time, but the more advanced version is always on meaning you'll permanently know where your foes lurk.


Silent Running
Pretty much does what it says on the tin allowing your agent to walk or run completely silently for up to ten seconds, which is more than enough time to for a field agent to get up to plenty of mischief. More advanced versions increase your silent running capabilities to up to half a minute.

One of the most useful stealth skills which acts as a safety net in the event you're spotted by enemy guards. As a passive skill, Evasion automatically gives you a couple of seconds invisibility to make good your escape. At basic levels it operates for just two seconds, with more advanced versions granting up to four seconds, plenty of time for a master agent to completely vanish.

Shadow Operative
The ultimate Stealth skill, once you attain mastery of Shadow Operative, you'll be effectively rendered invisible to all enemy patrols who haven't already seen you, although you'll break the spell if you run fire or throw an grenade and it has no effect on automated defences. Still, the six second basic charge, which doubles to 12 in the advanced version, should give you more than enough time to manoeuvre to best advantage or leave your enemies trailing in your wake.

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