ModNation dev ponders weapons DLC

"We're not going to stop there," says developer

ModNation Racers developer, United Front Games is considering adding new weapons to the PS3 exclusive via DLC, it's told CVG.

Speaking in a chat with us this week, director William Ho said that he is aware of review criticism expressed over the small number of power-ups in the game - but he's looking to expand.


He said: "We actually made many more weapons than we shipped in the game and we included only the ones that were balanced, fun and accessible.

"One of the mantras for our game development was that everyone should have a chance to win every race and so with the balance that we struck with the weapons that we shipped... we're quite happy with that."

He added: "Having said that we're not going to stop there. We're going to continue to see how we can expand that in the future and who knows, we might have something to announce.

"We're a very experimental group. We throw things at the wall and we play it, we get people to test it and if they say it's uber-fun then we'll ship it."

In our ModNation Racers review, critic man, Tom Pakinkis said: "the range of weapons still feels limited but this kind of system is a clever one and really creates an intense tactical edge."

Sony announced ModNation Racer's first "Air Raid" DLC this morning.