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Sin and Punishment: Star Successor

Treasure's ageless shooter hits the heights once more

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Sometimes it feels like a mini boss rush, as you whittle down multiple health bars and uncover further transformations - maybe Three or Four Force. There's a proper full-on boss rush at the end of the whole thing, of course, and we suggest you invite a friend or two over to keep you fed and watered during this remote-wielding marathon.

There's actually a two-player mode, which was something we were excited about before we played the Japanese version a few months ago. Unfortunately, it's not as interesting as it could have been, since the second player only gets to move a cursor around the screen. It's not something we'll bother going back to.


Replayability is possibly not quite as good as the N64 original, since the levels here are three or four times the size and require a much bigger commitment of time, energy and concentration. Surprisingly for a shoot-'em-up, particularly one by Treasure, it's not really a pick-up-and-play sort of thing.

However, the online leaderboards go some way towards adding a fresh incentive to revisit levels you've already seen a few times, and the visual design is just out of this world. We've added a point to the graphics score we gave the import version, as it's hard to see how it can ever get much better on Wii.

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The verdict

Beautiful and imaginative, it's a great game to watch and an even better one to play. A thrilling showcase for every part of the Wii's mighty hardware.

Nintendo Wii
Shoot 'em Up, Action