SKATE 3 review - 88% in PSM3

EA's Tony Hawk-beater ramps up

CVG sister magazine PSM3 has given an impressive 88% to EA's SKATE 3 in its exclusive new review.

The mag awards the title its coveted 'PSM3 Buy It' award, commenting that 'few games offer such liberating, deep and rewarding controls as Skate 3'.

PSM3 is particularly pleased with the title's customisation options, variety - and rewarding pay-offs, which it says leaves the player 'flush with satisfaction'.

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However, the mag says it 'fears being overwhelmed' when user-generated tracks are uploaded to the SKATE 3 world - and hints that the title may focus too much on online elements.

However, it bravely admits: 'Our score reflects that we have played previous SKATE games to death, hence some ennui... For committed online players with like-minded friends, the score could easily tip into the early 90s'.

Praise indeed.

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