Quantum Theory 'is not a Gears clone'

Tecmo Koei MD says the third person shooter is unique

Tecmo Koei boss Yoshiki Sugiyama has said that, despite all the comparisons to Gears of War, Quantum Theory has important elements that make it unique.

"If gamers assume they know what awaits them, if they assume Quantum Theory is going to be just another shooter, they're going to be surprised," said Sugiyama in an interview with CVG.

"While the style may share similar traits of a post-apocalyptic world inhabited by hardened warriors it's the co-operation between our two characters that makes Quantum Theory so unique," he continued.

"The fact you have to physically manipulate this spectacularly acrobatic partner while launching your own assaults makes for an interesting new dynamic - and of course the battle ground is always changing and shifting. There's a living tower at the heart of this story, a fantastical construction that is never as it seems."

The game was due to be released on March 26 before being delayed. Tecmo Koei has since confirmed that Quantum Theory will be released this summer.

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