Nintendo 'goes to war' with Apple

Iwata tells execs iPhone firm is 'enemy of the future', says report

Nintendo is turning its guns on Apple - as it bids to stem its fall in profits.

According to a new article in The Times, Nintendo boss Saturo Iwata considers the battle with Sony "already won" and has told his key staff that Apple is "the enemy of the future".

Sources close to the Kyoto-based company described a "mood of concern" at Nintendo as the hardware and software divisions race to restore the capacity to "surprise".

The news is in stark contrast to Nintendo of America boss Reggie Fils-Aime's recent assertion that the release of iPad has had "no impact" on Nintendo's business.

Nintendo last night announced that New Super Mario Bros Wii had sold 14 million copies - but reported an 18 per cent decline in net profitfor the year ending March 31st 2010, at $2.45bn. Annual revenue stood at $1.53bn - a decline of 22 per cent.

[ SOURCE: The Times ]