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TechRadar's pick of the week

iPads, Facebook, Adobe and...Darth Vadar?

As Saturday meets us at the end of the working week once again, we take a break from the enthralling world of games and turn our gaze to wider tech. And who better to visit than our friends at TechRadar?

The iPad has split techies and the wider population clean down the middle like a high-powered laser. Is it just a big iPhone without the phone? Or is it a real netbook killer?

Whichever way you look at it, numbers don't lie - and the fact that the iPad flew past the one million mark in sales this week after the launch of the 3G model will have assured Apple executives that the iPad was a good move.

We all know how frustrating the general female computer voice can be when it's telling you to drive down country routes clearly not built for cars. We also know how easy it is to turn her off only hours into a long journey.

Not anymore. With the arrival of Darth Vadar to TomTom drivers up and down the country will feel less inclined to disobey as their GPS tells them to "Turn around when the dark side."

AMD's attempt at providing people with a discrete external graphics card was mildly criticised by Acer , the kind of company AMD needs to impress.

In the world of social networking, the largest provider of friend poking and tagging, Facebook, admitted it had had problems with privacy after a bug allowed people to see their friends' friend requests. Gulp! Makes you think.

And Flash has come under fire again. Opera joined in the Jobs versus Adobe debacle saying the company needed to embrace web standard. It's still going to support Flash for the time being, but the pressure on Adobe mounts.

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