CVG's Site Of The Week: Xbox360 Achievements.org

We add another to our list of favourites

Today's addition to the CVG Site Of The Week hall of fame certainly isn't one for PS3 fanboys. (Although they can get their kicks here and here).

Xbox360Achievements.org has grown to become one of the world's standout sites for the single-console aficionado.

X360A.org blends breaking news, features and reviews with ahead-of-the-curve information on the Achievements that give the site its name. Its game guides are also widely sought after - and offer a wealth of help for 360 gamers needing a nudge in the right direction.


However, it's the die-hard, green-tinged community that really sets the site apart from its rivals - with each signed-up member proudly displaying their Gamerscore if they so wish.

CVG caught up with editor-in-chief Dan Webb to discover the secrets behind the site's success - and to ask what the future holds...

What in your view sets Xbox360Achievements apart from other sites?
I think there are a few massive things that set us apart from the rest of the flock, so to speak.

Firstly, our community integration and accessibility just goes to show that we're in this for the gamers... the people that frequent our site. We put the community above everything else on the site. I know it's cliché, but without them, we'd be nothing.

That's why we listen as well. We have a 40-page document of ideas from the community to implement that will keep us going for years. Best thing is, we're still open to ideas... although it may take some time to implement them!

Secondly, I'd like to think our no nonsense reporting resonates well with our readers. While we are set out - in strict layout terms - like a traditional news site, our reporting is more colloquial, laid-back and relaxed... like a blog.

It's all well and good reporting the news, but without character and without opinion, readers can go elsewhere and get the same copy and pasted press releases wherever they like. I also put added pressure on our writers to fact check every little piece of detail. We strive for perfection in that respect.

Oh yeah, and we're the one that posts all the Achievement lists early. I suppose that's another thing... Yeah... it is.

What do you specialise in?
Obviously Achievements are our forté and our niche, but we've been so much more than Achievements for well over two years now, covering every aspect of the industry that would relate to console specific gaming... without being a "fanboy," which incidentally we despise. Much like you despise your local politician for spewing mountains of hyperbole, but never actually delivering on it.

The good thing from our perspective is that although people come for the Achievements and the guides, they end up staying for the rest of the content.

I've always said, if you want Xbox 360 news, reviews, previews, opinions, and don't want to filter through Wii and PC news, etc then there is no better site to go to. I suppose I'm biased and I would say that, but the truth is, I was once a gamer with no ties to the industry and I've tried to steer the content in a way that I myself would have wanted to see.

What ambitions do you have for the site - and where do you see it going in future?
Well the sky's the limit for us. We have a coder who sees the world like the Matrix, a dedicated staff and a writing team that has more opinions and amusing takes on the industry than Tiger Woods has notches on his bedpost - yes, we're still using the Tiger Wood jokes!

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