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Modern Warfare slashed to £5 at GAME

Infinity Ward classic just £11 new; Even less pre-owned

GAME seems to be selling off its remaining stock of Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare: The UK retailer is offering the FPS for an astounding £4.98 pre-owned on Xbox 360 and PS3.

The retailer's website says that the pre-owned stock is sold out - but CVG's been told that some copies are still available in stores nationwide.

Even if you can't get your mits on a second-hand copy, the game is available for a very reasonable £11.98 new at GAME online.

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GAME seems to be clearing stock of MW ahead of the release of Treyarch's Call Of Duty: Black Ops on November 9.

The Call Of Duty: War Collection may well be making its way to stores soon, too. The pack - which contains CoD 2, 3 and World At War - is released exclusively for Xbox 360 in the US next month.