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Split/Second DLC details leaked

Retailer reveals "Hyper Car Pack"

Word has slipped out of a 'Hyper Car Pack' download on the way for Split/Second, Disney's action racing game out on PS3 and 360 on May 18. Cheers,

The UK retailer has posted details, seeming prematurely, of the pack on that game's pre-order page, revealing: "Hyper Car Pack: These are 3 super-high performance vehicles which rank among the most powerful vehicles in the Split/Second tournament. Taking any of these onto the start grid of any event gives the driver an instant advantage over any opponent - providing they can handle the extra speed, and drift dynamics!"

Split/Second goes against the grain of typical arcade racers and their Mario Kart-weapons by instead allowing racers to battle each other by triggering the destruction of the track and its surrounding environment. And that, boys and girls, is very cool.

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[ SOURCE: Play ]