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The latest from NGamer Towers

Like the live election coverage only more conclusive

Refreshed and invigorated after the weekend, Team NGamer are back at their desks and ready to continue striving for editorial excellence once again. Well, they will be after a short tea break. And sending a few emails. And the games room could do with a tidy...

Ah, prevarication. The thief of time, eh? But also the post-deadline reward - a delicious day of faffing around [it's called 'administration' - Ed] to act as a counterpoint to the horror of last week's scramble to get the magazine to the printers. But, yes, issue 50 is now finished and is being committed to paper as we type. w00t, as you internet types would say.

There's some delicious 50-themed content in issue 50 - as was to be expected, we suppose - not to mention Matthew's enormo-review of Super Mario Galaxy 2 and a host of other top-notch words. Due to some kind of scheduling, er, rescheduling, issue 50 will be on sale a little later than advertised - 26 May instead of 19 May - but we'll remind you about that nearer the time when you start wondering where the magazine is.

So, with issue 50 done, what's next? Issue 51, natch. It's early days yet, but we're already very excited about some RPG action - we can't say too much yet, but it'll be good. And it's a fairly safe bet that there'll be a second helping of Mario Galaxy 2 goodness. Mmm, tasty.

Of course, E3 is just a month away so we've got Specul-O-Tron fired up and ready to predict what we'll see at the world's biggest games show.

And in case you hadn't noticed already, longlist voting for the Golden Joystick Awards has opened. The longlists consist of every game released in the past year, and by voting on these you get to decide which few games make it through to the shortlist stage of voting next month. It'd be nice if Nintendo could take home a few of these prestigious gaming gongs, so click here to nominate your favourite games.

And now onto 'any other business'. Let's see what Team NGamer are up to. Kim's officially Quite Ill so isn't in today (hey, why not leave her a nice 'get well' message in the comments under this blog?), but this is what the rest of us are doing...

Kittsy is... "thinking about making some more Wario games to stick on YouTube, and considering booking a holiday."
Hey, Kittsy. What's the first policy you'd put in place if you were asked to form the government? "I'd transfer all the country's money into an offshore bank account, for safe keeping."

Matthew is... "brainstorming some feature ideas, training up Mr Sandman, thinking of NES games set in Russia and eating a pie. It's all go go go in the Castleverse."
Hey, Matthew. What's the first policy you'd put in place if you were asked to form the government? "I'd force NGamer's corporate overlords to reinstate the homemade muffins in NGamer Towers' cafeteria. Oh, and proportional representation. Though I'd rather have the muffins."

Charlotte is... "writing the Directory pages, doing some of that nebulous 'administration', thinking about gardening, and mentally preparing for this month's first batch of Reviews Roundup games."
Hey, Charlotte. What's the first policy you'd put in place if you were asked to form the government? "It's a toss-up between renationalising the railways or making it illegal to say 'haitch' instead of 'aitch' when using the eighth letter of the alphabet."

Andy is... "mainly working out how to grow vegetables and cut down nettles properly. I'll probably get up to 130 hours on Pokeymans too. I might design something, but the weather's quite nice so who knows?"
Hey, Andy. What's the first policy you'd put in place if you were asked to form the government? "Everyone gets a free Macbook Pro to 'work' outside with in a beer garden."