Split Second: Velocity review - 8/10 in EDGE

The explosive racer gets a solid score

Edge has reviewed the explosive racer Split/Second and given it an 8/10.

The mag says the game's unique environment and concept alone sets it apart from other racers:

"In Split Second you aren't racing in a realistic environment, you are negotiating a live set, rigged with enough explosives to raze a small town. The result is an experience that feels dramatic because it is meticulously controlled."

"Scraping your way through Power Plays (offensive set-pieces triggered by the race's participants) is an experience that is reminiscent of darting through cross-traffic in Burnout."

Although the option to play parts of the surrounding environment into your opponents path provides a completely new exciting dynamic, however, Edge feels that the feature could have been taken further:

"While Split Second: Velocity's fireworks are aesthetically pleasing and an entirely satisfying way of eliminating opponents," says the mag, "there are surprisingly few options for strategy when it comes to their deployment."

You can read the full review in issue 215 of Edge, which hits shelves tomorrow. Buy your copy of Edge and have it delivered to your door.