3DS will 'attract extremely casual games': Iwata

He promises 'high end' games too

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata has said that the new 3DS console will, like its predecessor, attract a wide variety of games, including some extremely casual titles.

Speaking at an investors Q&A, Iwata said "When we made the 3DS, we wanted to make it into a platform that would attract a wide variety of things, from high end games to extremely casual games."

Asked if the console would be targetting hardcore gamers at the beginning, he responded "I see no foundation for that statement. We definitely do not feel that 3D targets heavy users. However, we have a feeling that, until you've seen something that makes you say 'Of course, when used like that, it's clearly a 3D game that anyone can play,' you can't be convinced, so we hope that you'll make the decision in the future when you've seen something solid."

With games such as Nintendogs and Brain Training, DS reached out to new audiences early on and it looks as though the new 3DS handheld will aim to do the same.

But will the new handheld be called 3DS? Probabvly not as Iwata has said the announcement of the formal name will not be too far off.

[ SOURCE: Andriasang ]