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Miyamoto hints at Wii Music 2

"It could be something great" reckons Nintendo legend

Nintendo development legend Shigeru Miyamoto has hinted that there could be a Wii Music 2 on the way - and that it "could be something great".

Wii Music was met with a lukewarm critical reception - something of a rarity for Miyamoto - when it was released 2008.

However, Miyamoto is still proud of the title, and believes its life may not yet be over. He said it could return with some "tweaking" - either as a standalone sequel or as part of another game.

"As soon as we've finished a project, I always have regrets about what we could or should've done," he told the latest issue of Edge.

"But then there are these great ideas that we can utilise with future projects, one way or another. Some people might say Wii Music is a good example. It's been said that it could have sold much more than it actually has to date, but it simply means that I have some assets right now that, by tweaking something, we might be able to have great success with in future."

Read the full interview with Miyamoto-san in issue 215 of Edge, which hits shelves today. Buy your copy of Edge and have it delivered to your door.