Blacklight: Tango Down

Zombie Studios project leader on the future of DLC and the wider industy

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What would you say is the overall philosophy behind the game?
It was the fast first person shooter philosophy and from there, we're hardcore shooter fans. We play Call of Duty all the time. I love that game and as much as I might be saying "You need to step it up", it needs to be just brought to that better light. When you ship five maps for the price of a game it's not that great for the consumer and it's the consumer that gives you the Porsche or Lamborghini.

So with this we were like, "Ok I'm a huge fan of Call of Duty and I'm a huge fan of Halo but there's that middle ground that hasn't been done. There's that cool dark and gritty real world but I don't like the idea that... I mean, for people I tried to get to play Halo or tried to get to play Call of Duty, there was that growing pain where they turn the corner and they get shot once and they don't know what happened and it's frustrating as hell. So we brought the speed of the Halo universe and kind of the look and feel of Call of Duty and we kind of mashed them together.

And as much as people say, Oh it's a Call of Duty/Halo knock off, those are two of the best games out there so I'm fine with that! So we really wanted the player to have enough time to receive damage and find out where that damage was coming from and hopefully escape or try to be the better shot and take them out too.

There's been a lot of epic battles just with some of the players at my work and it's turned out to be really fun.

So are you necessarily trying to drag people away from Call of Duty and Halo?
No, you can't drag them from them. The way the way I always see it is, of course people always ask, "Well what makes you different from Halo? What makes you different from Call of Duty? Why should they stop playing?" Well, you know, you're not going to listen to the same Jimi Hendrix album every single day, you're going to listen to other music that was influenced by him and they're good in their own way.

That's kind of how I see games period. A new game comes out; you're going to play that game if you're into those shooters, especially if the quality's there and the quality's there with our game.

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