Assassin's Creed Brotherhood - so now you know

Ubisoft confirms ACB and we confirm the mystery of issue 127's next month page...

It's official - Assassin's Creed Brotherhood exists. It's set in Rome. It stars Ezio. It has multi-player. And, for now, that's all you're getting because the exclusive reveal of the new game is happening in the next issue of PSM3. Did you guess it from our teasing image of an eagle feather dipped in blood on the Next Month page?

Watching all the speculation about our next cover game has been fun. Most of the PSM3 forum regulars, smart cookies that you are, got it spot on. However, there have been some wild guesses from other people that were less astute.

Perhaps the biggest leap of faith was here at Sorry, chaps, it isn't a Valkyrie Profile 3 announcement, although we would love to see that particular game confirmed for PS3 ourselves. Other suggestions have included inFamous 2 and The Last Guardian.

Back to reality though: we've seen Assassin's Creed Brotherhood and we're currently making the magazine with a rather epic feature on the game as the star of the show. Obviously, we can't give you any more details at the moment or tell you about how much we saw ('a hell of a lot' is the best we can do) but we can tell you to start getting excited. As if you needed the encouragement.

Look out for the new mag on sale 3 June, and if you haven't already seen issue 127 - with Crysis 2 leading our shooter special - check it out now.

Finally, another apology: no podcast yet. Just to reiterate what we said in the last blog; we've finished the podcast, edited it, and it's all ready to go. However, until it is uploaded to CVG we can't either link to it, or put it on iTunes. Again, sorry for the delay, but it's out of our hands at the moment. We'll be poking the CVG team with big (metaphorical) sticks all tomorrow until the Podcast is live...

Thanks for your patience. Have a great evening, and as usual, feel free to chat amongst yourselves about Assassin's Creed Brotherhood (or the absence of the podcast) in the comments below.